Daily Menu

Rheinblick Dinner Menu - Served daily from 12-9 pm


 Kartoffelpuffer – Traditional German potato pancakes (4) served with applesauce
Käsespätzle – German pasta egg noodles with assorted melted cheeses and caramelized onion   

Currywurst Berliner Art – German Bratwurst medallions with ketchup and a mild curry powder – a Berlin favorite 

Zwiebelsuppe  – Creamy Onion Soup baked w/Swiss Cheese  

Tagessuppe    - Soup of the Day   

Deutsche Wurstplatte for two –Leona,  Leberwurst,  and Black Forest Ham with butter & brie cheeses, pickled vegetable garnish and German Rye bread 

Gemischter  Salat(Seasonal)  – Trio of fresh Cucumber Salad, Carrot Salad, and Corn & Bell Pepper Salad 

Rheinblick House Salad – Mixed Greens with Rheinblick House Dressing 


Sauerbraten - Marinated Beef Roast in a sweet & sour sauce of Red Wine Vinegar, served with Spätzle and Red Cabbage 

Schweinebraten – Bavarian Pork Roast with gravy and Red Cabbage served with Spätzle 

Rouladen  - Rolled Top Round Steak stuffed with bacon, pickles, and Düsseldorfer mustard, served with Spätzle and Red Cabbage 

Schweinshaxe -   Beer basted, roasted Pork Shank, served with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes  

Schweinemedaillons – Pork Tenderloin Filets with creamy, mushroom white wine sauce, served with Spätzle  

“The Metzger” – “The Butcher’s Choice” - Bratwurst, Bauernwurst, Nürnberger, Knackwurst and Debreziner (featuring Hartmann’s Old World Sausages) over Sauerkraut, served with mashed potatoes  

Bratwurst Platter – German Bratwurst, Bauernwurst and Nürnberger  over Sauerkraut, served with mashed potatoes 

Rittersteak – “Knight’s Steak”  – 12 oz. Ribeye with choice of caramelized Onion or Kräuterbutter (homemade Herb Butter), served with hand-cut French Fries  

Grillteller  – Mixed platter of grilled Chicken Breast, Pork Tenderloin Filet and Beef Tenderloin Filet, topped with Kräuterbutter (homemade herb butter) and served with hand-cut French Fries   

Walleye (Zander) - Pan fried with Düsseldorfer mustard and lemon butter sauce, served with pan fried potatoes    

Gebratenes Hähnchen – ½ boned Chicken, roasted with herbs and lemon, served with pan fried potatoes  

Oma’s Teller for 2  – Sampler platter of Sauerbraten, Schweinebraten, Bratwurst, Bauernwurst and Kartoffelpuffer, served with Spätzle and Red Cabbage 


Tenderized, lightly breaded and butter sautéed


Jägerschnitzel   - one of the most popular Schnitzels in Germany, the „Hunter’s Schnitzel“ comes with a brown Mushroom gravy  

Rahmschnitzel   - served with a rich cream sauce and homemade French fries  

Pfefferrahmschnitzel - the Rahmschnitzel with green peppercorns  

Schweizer Schnitzel –the “Swiss”, topped with melted Swiss cheese  

Schwarzwald Schnitzel –the “Black Forest”, topped with Black Forest Ham and melted Swiss cheese  

Knoblauch Schnitzel – for Garlic lovers – creamy garlic & herb sauce  


Hähnchenschnitzel Jäger Art – Boneless Chicken breast,  unbreaded, with Jäger sauce

Hähnchenschnitzel Altes Land– Boneless Chicken breast,  unbreaded, with Apples slices in Applekorn reduction and melted Brie


Wiener Schnitzel    - the classic from Vienna   

Wiener Schnitzel a la Holstein –with fried Egg on top  

Madeira Schnitzel   - unbreaded, with a Lemon, Madeira and Caper Sauce 


German Specialties (kindly ask your server for today’s selections)   

Apfelstrudel  - Apple Strudel with whipped cream   

Bienenstich    - Bee Sting cake – Our Guest’s Favorite - filled with custard and topped with honey-glazed sliced almonds  

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte – Black Forest Cake   

Linzer Torte – The Classic Red Raspberry Torte from Austria  

Heidi’s Käsekuchen -  Homemade Cheese Cake a la Heidi   

Sacher Torte – Viennese chocolate cake with thin layer of apricot marmalade filling   

Heisse Liebe    - Vanilla ice cream with warm Raspberry sauce 

Weekend Specials



 Friday only

 Rheinblick Fish Fry Walleye with light batter served with German Potato Pancakes, Cole Slaw and Hausmacher Tartar Sauce   

Friday & Saturday

 Kalbsleber mit Zwiebel und Speck –   Calf liver, onions and bacon, served with fresh vegetables, salad and mashed potatoes  

Kinder Teller

For children 12and under

 Rapunzel– Spätzle with assorted melted cheese

 – German Wiener w/ French Fries  

Old ShatterhandHomemade Chicken Strips w/ French Fries  

Baron Münchhausen – Pork Schnitzel w/ French Fries and fresh vegetables   

Hansel & Gretel – German egg noodles (Spätzle) with choice of gravy (Schweinebraten gravy, Sauerbraten gravy, Hunter mushroom gravy)  

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